SimPLife: Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening- GROW Your OWN FOOD


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A Note For Organic Farmers: The Essential BioDynamics is intended to be taken BEFORE the farming courses, in a logical triad of Cosmos Education, Earth-Care, and Strategic Organic Food Production. 1. The Essential BioDynamics provides The Why- vital details on supportive Cosmic rhythms, delivering the unique potency for 2. Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening which provides The How- a basic foundation of Earth prep and BioDynamic-Organic Food Production, and 3. Living Farm! provides The What- strategizing farm efforts, and suggests Food Choices to improve The Life of You, The Bio-Organic Farmer. --------------------------------------- DO YOU LOVE AMAZING FOOD? THIS is a full on-site, hands-on intensive- which comes with a lifetime experienced farming coach to answer all your questions!.... showing how YOU can take control of your own environment and food supply, simply by growing the highest quality food- best flavour, highest nutritional content, shortest time, minimal blights & infestations...using sensible, ancient wisdoms & the materials you have around you Register:

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